AGNES - Derm Asia Corporation

Ultimate Solution for Acne, Eye Bag, Syringoma, Wrinkle

  • Precise control-of-depth for targeted tissue coagulation
  • Selective Sebaceous gland distruction
  • High frequency of square Waveform
  • Insulated needle coating status checking system
  • No Surgery, No Scars, Minimal Downtime
  • Developed by Dr. Ahn Dermatologist

Acne is inflammatory disorder of hair follicle, especially arising from sebaceous glands. If sebaceous gland is destroyed, acne cannot recur. AGNES can destroy the sebaceous glands without thermal injury of epidermis. So, AGNES is the Ultimate Solution for Acne!

Using partially insulated needle The upper part of needle is insulated to prevent skin burn. The lower part is not insulated to destroy sebaceous glands.

Using RF apparatus with special wave Safe and effective therapeutic modality for acne.


Eye Bag