Houva 4

HOUVA 4® Clinical Phototherapy System with DermaSenseII® Technology combines proven phototherapy treatment with the latest technology in UV light measurement — available in narrowband UVB or combination UVA/UVB.

High Output Clinical Phototherapy System (Integrated, Removable Sensors)

National Biological makes annual recalibration easy!

  • No annual service or annual servicing fees
  • Trade in your microprocessor-controlled removable sensor annually with no down time

DermaSenseII® Technology

  • Constantly monitors UV and electrical power levels with real time readings
  • No more light meter readings
  • Assures optimal treatment times
  • HOUVA 4® controls designed never to fail in ON position

HOUVA 4® Clinical Phototherapy System Features:

  • Exclusive DermaSenseII® microprocessor-controlled, removable sensor technology
  • Non-UV transmitting viewing window to monitor patient during treatment
  • Safety interlock automatically shuts unit off when door of HOUVA 4® is open
  • Exclusive perimeter flow ventilation for increased patient comfort
  • Raised floor for proper treatment of lower legs
  • Hand rail and non-skid floor for patient safety
  • Safety screen snaps out for easy lamp replacement
  • Choice of open-top or sealed unit
  • Durable mar-resistant finish will look great for years
  • Watchdog” circuitry automatically shuts off unit if potential malfunction is detected

Two HOUVA 4® Configurations Available

  • Narrow Band UVB Unit equipped with 48 narrowband UVB lamps
  • Combination Narrow Band UVB/UVA Unit equipped with 24 Narrow Band UVB lamps and 24 UVA lamps

HOUVA 4 clinical phototherapy system is most effective way to treat a large number of patients with psoriasis or vitiligo covering much of their body. With 48 lamps and numerous features for more effective, safer, and faster treatment of patients, HOUVA 4® clinical phototherapy system will improve your practice. HOUVA 4® is available in Narrowband UVB or UVA/UVA options. Choose HOUVA 4® as your clinical phototherapy system.Contact National Biological about HOUVA 4® today!