AcuPulse™ is a complete ablative laser resurfacing workstation, featuring state of the art technology for all aesthetic resurfacing needs.


     SuperPulseTM Technology                             

  • Exceptional ablation/coagulation ratio     
  • Reach the desired treatment depth with a single pulse

11 Built-in Treatment Modes

  • Maximum versatility with only two scanners
  • Full parameter control for advanced user

 Short Pulse Duration

  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Lower chance of side effects

      Intuitive User Interface

  • Easy setup and quick treatments
  • User presets for single-click treatment

11 Treatment Modes for Maximum Versatility







Superficial™                                                   Deep™

for moderate sun damage, fine lines,              for deeper lines and wrinkles,acne scars
uneven texture, dyschromia, actinic                uneven texture, dyschromia and more.
keratosis and more.

 Combo™                                                       StretchTouch™ 

Deep and Superficial combined                      for skin furrows and textural irregularities.
together for sun damage, acne 
scars, wrinkles and more.



for precise, clean incisions with minimal bleeding. 

Unique SuperPulse Technology

AcuPulse™ features a unique SuperPulse™ mode for extraordinarily safe deep impact, as well as a full range of advanced continuous wave capabilities for precision work.

Full Range of Advanced Continuous Wave Capabilities

Exceptional Ablation/Coagulation Ratio

 When ablation depth is equal, more energy means more excess heat in the tissue. SuperPulse™ technology enables the deepest penetration with the lowest energy.  This reduces patient discomfort, downtime and thermal damages. AcuPulse™ also enables shorter pulses, further enhancing patient safety.


Before & After Photos