Ultimate Solution for Acne, Eye Bags, Syringoma and Double Chin

Acne is an inflammatory disorder of hair follicle, especially arising from sebaceous glands. If sebaceous gland is destroyed, acne cannot recur. AGNES can destroy the sebaceous glands without thermal injury of epidermis. So, AGNES is the Ultimate Solution for Acne!


AGNES employs the stable and effective technology of RF on the base of 
electrocoagulation and electrothermolysis mechanism. AGNES focuses its RF energy on the
targeted tissue considering anatomical structure of skin.

Using microinsulated needle, the upper part of the needle is insulated to prevent skin burn while the lower part is not insulated to destroy sebaceous glands. Energy is transmitted for the destruction of specific tissues like sebaceous glands for acne treatment.

  • Precise control-of-depth for targeted tissue coagulation
  • Selective Sebaceous gland destruction
  • High frequency of square Waveform
  • Insulated needle coating status checking system
  • No Surgery, No Scars, Minimal Downtime


  • Visible result after first treatment
  • No associated side effects
  • No down time
  • Low relapse rate
  • Consistent remission
  • No skin irritation
  • Excellent not only for acne itself but syringoma, blackhead, pores and scars


 RF System 1MHz, Mono-polar & Bi-polar

  • Square Form Wave minimizes the deviation of energy to adjacent tissues and maximizes the effectiveness of RF energy delivery.

Safety and Guaranteed Result of Treatment

  • Agnes is equipped with the safety checking system for the micro insulated needle.
  • The microinsulated needle protects the epidermis from the skin burns.
  • The length of insulation and needle is the result of anatomical and clinical study of years. Just follow the easy-to-do treatment protocols and the prognostics will always be predictable and manageable.

Before and After Photos


Eye Bags